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Dr Hoo the scare owl.

Are birds, bats, cats and possums wrecking your garden and eating your fruits and vegetable plants ? Dr Hoo, the scare owl, is ready, willing and able to make house calls.

Imitating the Powerful Owl, this durable and attractive scare owl works “owly” day and night to solve your possum and bird problems effectively and humanely.

This is a clever and natural way to help rid your garden, house or boat of bats, possums, crows, seagulls and pesky cats. Dr Hoo is a realistic 37cm high UV-stabilised plastic replica. He can be hung by a string, placed on a stake or filled with sand to be placed anywhere.

He has large reflective eyes for both day and night surveillance. There are two models, the fixed head and swivel head versions : Fixed head $30 and fixed head $34.

We can post Dr Hoo owls anywhere in Australia and extra postage costs apply. Just email your order or call us for prompt owly attention.